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SEARCH TIPS recognises that recruiters looking to employ professional support for recruitment advertising, marketing and communications services often have very different requirements. To get the most out of this specialist site, here are a few search tips.

Detailed search results are returned randomly unless the user selects the option to list alphabetically.

Once you have carried out a search, simply click on a particular agency name to take you to detailed information about that business including "Case Studies" and lists of existing client (employer) accounts.

Search for an agency by name

If you know the name of the recruitment marketing agency you are looking for select the appropriate agency from the drop down list and select �go�

Search for an agency which can deliver the specialist services that you require over and above ad design, booking and planning

Most recruitment marketing agencies do a lot more than design, plan and process recruitment advertisements. Click on any number of specialist services that you require to discover which agencies specialize in that area. Results are returned randomly unless the user selects the option to list alphabetically. Please visit the individual agency record for a full breakdown of the specialist services provided by each supplier.

Search for an agency by size/no of employees

Use this field to restrict your search to agencies of a certain size: select "1-10" for the smallest agencies and "201+" for the largest.

Search for an agency by office in your area

Results are restricted to agencies with operational offices in your specified region.

Search for an agency by Client (employer name)

Let's say that you've seen an advertisement, recruiting document or web site relating to a particular employer which grabbed your attention. You want to know which agency was responsible for creating it. Simply enter the employer name and press "Go".

Excluding agencies that work for your competitors!

If you want to exclude agencies who work for companies who you might consider to be sensitive competitors, then enter the name of that competitor firm (employer) in the "Except Client" field and press "Go". Results will exclude agencies that work for your specified employer name.

Search for an agency which has a specialism in your Industry Sector

Many agencies have a number of clients operating in the same industry sector and have developed expertise in that area. Select a particular industry sector from the drop down menu to find agencies who generate a notable proportion of their non-media income from that sector.

Search for a particular individual working in the recruitment marketing business

Maybe you used to work with an agency contact with a previous employer and want to invite them to tender for your business. To find out which agency a named individual works for, simply enter all or part of their name in the "Named Individual" field and press "Go". Please note that this field works independently of other search criteria.

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